Thank you for viewing my FAQ page. If you have any question please use the button below and ask me anything.

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How Do I contact you for a shoot?

Best way to contact me is on Facebook. If you need to call me. I prefer an text message. If I’m busy I will call you back ASAP. Here is my office number 256-361-9395

What style of shooting do I prefer to do?

I prefer to do something with meaning and a style. More or less a theme-based shoot. I really only want to do something creative that nobody has done before.

How Much do you charge?

I try to keep the price fair and below what everyone else does for this reason. I choice what I want to shoot and when. I’m not a happy clicker for rent.

Where do you shoot at?

I’m an on-location shooter only. For years I had a studio and really got tired of people missing their appointments. So, in late 2016 I closed my studio for good. Now I shoot anywhere I want.