Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

If you have any questions please read my FAQ and or contact me for any questions that you might have. CLICK to Contact me Also check out some of the articles I wrote on my blog page (Blog!)

The best way to contact me is on Facebook. If you need to call me. I prefer a text message. If I’m busy I will call you back ASAP. Here is my office number 256-361-9395

I prefer to do something with meaning and a style. More or less a theme-based shoot. I really only want to do something creative that nobody has done before.

His session rates are above the average pricing. However, Facebook & Google reviews of highly satisfied clients explain this well. You will find he is well worth the cost. Each session’s price is different due to the theme or concept of the client’s request. Take the time to message him and let him know exactly what your vision is. Drop on over to the booking page and find out more about Booking a shoot!

I’m an on-location shooter only. For years I had a studio and really got tired of people missing their appointments. So, in late 2016 I closed my studio for good. Now I shoot anywhere I want.

I have my gallery on Instagram. You can go directly to the page by clicking on this link: Gallery or you can follow me @sbphoto42.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)