When you develop something in your mind and you create the work, it is not only a piece of art, but it is a lifestyle. I became an artist and a photographer because it means a lot to me, and I am driven and obsessed with it. Since we know that our visual art can be seen by everyone around the world, I decided to take the normal factor out of the person’s normal world and introduce them to my sphere and open up the individual to my vision that would be representing my vision.

Why is photography important to me?
Why is photography important to me?

Human Interaction

What shall be my next project? So, the project is called “Human Interaction,” it is basically a platform to put the model or client in a particular place and find the best way to photograph them so that the viewer can understand my vision for the client. 

 This vision must be important to me and worthy of my attention. How does one visualize the concept of art? I find it interesting to see different perspectives and these things as a visual medium are eye-catching.

Creating Images

What is the value in creating images that people do not look at every day? What I was trying to do was provide the viewer something new. The reality is that people do not look at ordinary things, they look at things that are special. When I was taking pictures, I used my imagination to add special effects and I believed that it is the viewers’ imagination.