This where I meet this little man

This where I meet this little man.

I remember once so long ago. We did a session at a Big Waterfall. This is where I meet this little man. He and I laugh and we had fun throwing rocks across the water. I almost forgot to snap pictures because we were having to much fun. I had a shoot set up with his mother that day at the Welti Waterfalls in Cullman area. We were working on a vintage session about How women use to use creeks to wash clothing back in the early-mid 20th (twentiethcentury. Which dated from the 1930s to the 1960s according to Wikipedia .

Waterfalls in Cullman

The photo session was one of the best shoots I have done in a long time. It was not because the model nor the posing which those key aspects turned out perfect, but it was her young son. He was laughing and being a young child. Throwing rocks and trying to skip them across the water. I had to just stop shooting to join him. I should him tricks of how to hold the rock and how to throw it. Flat surface down. After a few tries, he had it down pat. I felt that I left a great impression on the child. We both were laughing and having fun. Even to this day I have seen him a few times and we always smile at each other and ask him, mom, can we go throwing rocks again. I recommend just taking the time with young children will leave a lasting impression upon them.


Welti Waterfalls in Alabama is about one of 6 waterfalls within 1 hour driving time from Huntsville, AL. And Welti waterfalls is 1 of about 20 waterfalls in North Alabama. IN the Bankhead National Forest I think there are about 4 or 5 just in that area.

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