Photography classes in Huntsville al

I have had several people ask me to teach a photography class in the Huntsville area. I have thought about and more than likely start off by doing some one on one classes with people. At the same time, I would play to launch a few online videos. This video would help in editing and posting images to a social website. Each social website has its own standard format for image sizes. I will help you to determine a standard size image that will fit all. I do plan to offer my services to anyone who needs my help.

Photography classes in Huntsville AL

I would be willing to teach digital photography classes to anyone local.

I have always shot in the style of what you see is what you get. I can do fancy editing to any image. Ranging from skin smoothing to body manipulation, but that is not my style of editing at all.

If you’re interested in learning the correct way of editing images. Please contact me and we can go from there.    -Scot