Modeling Startup
Modeling Startup

I want to take this time to thank you for reading my Modeling Startup Guide. I will make this quick and simple.

  1. I would suggest that you create an alias name that fits your personality.
  2. I do recommend creating a new Gmail account with your modeling name (aka your alias name.)
  3. Now that you have your Gmail account setup. Head over to google voice and set up a G-voice account.
  4. Google voice is a phone number that is set to forward to a land line cell phone.
  5. You can download the app from Google and Apple apps.
  6. What google voice can do for you is this.
  7. Block callers for good.
  8. Send to voicemail
  9. Text from the app with images
  10.  Now that we have your Alias, Gmail, and Google voice you are about 50% there.
  11. I do recommend finding a few photographers that will shoot with you for TFP (basically you are trading you’re time for there’s.)
  12. Once you have 4 great images you can proceed to create your account at
  13. Model Mayhem is the largest online modeling website in the world.
  14. Go look around at other models’ profiles and see what they wrote for there about my statement.
  15. Once your profile is approved you will start getting offers to shoot.
  16. Be aware of scammers and perverts.
  17. When uploading the images filling as much info on the image itself.
  18. Try to give credit to everyone involved.
  • If you have any question, please ask me in the Modeling Events group on facebook..

My Model Mayhem #: 2537771