I encourage more photographers to be creative

I encourage more photographers to be creative

I encourage more photographers to be creative with their photos than just the typical snap, shoot and edit the images. Over the last few months, I have shot and learned a lot of new Technics in editing from YouTube videos and Videos that I have seen on other sites.
A good friend gave me a link to PH-learn on youtube. I would recommend watching and learning those Technics.
I feel that it will enhance your editing skills 100 folds. I tend to turn on Spotify when I’m editing and play my playlist called Music editing and I start to rock out on all the images.


I know I really have no room to talk about editing, but I’m trying to learn. I feel the more and more I see awful photos on social sites. It drives me to be better. I know tons of photographers that are willing to teach and share their trick and secrets with you. Send me a message ( click here! ) and I will add you to a few photography groups on Facebook.


De-saturation is not the answer to smoothing the skin. Lately, I have seen some just put yucky photographs on Facebook. Really just awful to tell you the truth. The photos have taken all the skin texture and shot it out the door. I would spend more time trying not to do that and learning the right way to edit the photos than to post a photo that will just be awful. Just be creative and produce great and positive images for your clients.


To proving your game by learning how to edit. Stop being an awful photographer! I encourage you to be better and learn any way you can. YouTube has tons of videos for you to view and learn.