How to body paint a female model
How to body paint a female model?

How to body paint a female model?

Each person’s body is different in so many ways. The shape and size of the body are two of those differences.
Now we must break the body down into parts. The hips, legs, stomach, chest, arms, and head.
These areas have their own shape and curves. So, for an example when painting a T-shirt and shorts on a female body
We deal with the midsection area a lot of times. From the shoulders to the upper legs.

Concept, Ideas or Themes

Now that we have our area that we will be painting picked out we must move on to our concept or theme. I know that you want to do something magical and if this is your first time. I do recommend doing something simple. The reason for this is that you can learn or adjust to painting on human skin. Painting on human skin is different than painting on paper or canvas. SO, I recommend doing a shirt with solid colors or something has splash painting. Then, as you learn more about painting on the body you can adventure into more difficult concepts or themes.


I tend to visualize the placement of the number or letter on the chest area. Since we have to deal with the curvature area. You must realize that when the shirt moves so does that area. That is why I like to use a grease pen to mark the body for reference points before I start painting. An example of what I’m talking about is how the shirt folds when the model turns or twist. Another example is how the back pocket must be placed on the right spot of the back hip. Yet, again the movement of the body and the shifting body parts is something you must take into consideration.

Body paint a female

From this, I do recommend trying and never give up on your dream’s. Find you a model or a muse that is willing to let you paint on their bodies. Two types of paints are latex and acrylic paints. First, find out if the model is allegoric to either type of paint. Nothing like a model complaining about breaking out.

Just remember this K.I.S.S. Which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.

Best of luck and show me your images once you have completed them. And if you have any question drop me an email here.