The creation of an image is very simple. First, you must have an idea of what you want to shoot. The next step is to find a person that is willing to let you shoot your concept or idea. Even if it is TFP ( trade for print.) Typically, I have creative ideas that I write down all the time and find 1 to 3 people that will fix what I’m looking for. Sometimes I just open it up to anyone who wants to come to shoot with me on the concept. 90% of the time that works best. Because you never know what you will get out of the image or the person.

Creation of an image

Katy was such person as in We had schedule a session but really didn’t know what was going to happen or even really have a plan. All I know is that when we shot these images they turned out amazing. I still love this image.

Katy, had a story to tell from this image. as she was a breast cancer survivor. I was amazed again. I do plan to invite Katy back in to the studio to shoot more images. I really enjoyed working with her.

I think that is enough of my rants and BS.