CosPlay photoshoot

Last year we did a CosPlay photoshoot with a few of my clients. I decided to introduce smoke into the shoot. One of the requirements for the smoke was to last more than 1 mins. You need to understand the flow of the wind as it impacts the smoke and what direction it flows. The reason for this is to say out of the way of the camera.

One thing people need to understand about working with any type of fireworks or flames is safety. That is always my first priority in any shoot. Once we got our safety briefing out of the way and picked the right locations for each shoot. We began to do a few test runs with the smoke and time how long they lasted. I really didn’t want to explain the whole process in this gallery, maybe one day I will break it down for you.


In the end, I think we got some great images from this CosPlay photoshoot. I really hope that you enjoy the images.

Cosplay Photoshoot Cost & information

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