About Scot Birchfield

Scot Birchfield is a 51-year-old artistic photographer currently based in Huntsville, AL. He is self-taught and engaged with his passion to create artistic photography and uses his knowledge to explore the human expression of today. Scot has spent more than 20yrs in the Huntsville and surrounding area shooting people, nature, man-made objects, and anything that he feels that he can express his artistic style too.

He started to develop a bug for the arts while in college. The degree that he was going for was a computer and electronic degree. But during taking an art elective he discovered the bug for art. He decided to change his major to Art and he wanted to become an art teacher to be able to inspire the younger generation to be more expression (passionately expressing an idea) with their passion or the love of art.  

He attended a university and a junior college at the same time taking every art class that was offered to both colleges. During the day he was taking classes at a junior college and at night, he would attend a university. He would be soaking up every ounce of art he could. I think that this helped him in his life dealing with people.

Today, he is a very talented photographer and able to design ideas for his clients and the understanding of making the client’s dreams come true in the form of an artistic photograph.

About his clients

Every shoot that Scot performs starts with a vision and becomes real-life magic through every image he produces. Each session, he explains in detail to the client how to make the concept for the shoot become a reality. He works with each subject, creating enthralling poses and captures them effortlessly – creating real works of art.

About Scot Birchfield
About | Scot Birchfield

About his rates

His session rates are above average in price; however, Facebook & Google reviews of highly satisfied clients explain this well. You will find he is well worth the cost. Each session price is different due to the theme or concept of the client’s request. Take the time to message him and let him know exactly what your vision is.